Select work for The New York Times:

After pandemic rebound, manufacturing droops,” May 2023.

Franchisers, facing challenges to business model, punch back,” April 2023.

How Janelle Jones’s story about Black women and the economy caught on,” April 2023.

Noncompete clauses grow tighter, and T.V. newsrooms feel the grip,” April 2023.

Tinkering with ChatGPT, workers wonder: Will this take my job?” March 2023.

Colleges have been a lifeline for small towns. What happens as they shrink?” March 2023.

Immigration rebound eases shortage of workers, up to a point,” February 2023.

When private equity came for the toddler gyms,” January 2023.

White House aims to reflect the environment in economic data,” January 2023.

As infrastructure money lands, the job dividends begin,” January 2023.

Wish you were here. Ignore the floods and fires,” December 2022.

Why are middle-aged men missing from the labor market?” November 2022.

An uptick in elder poverty: A blip, or sign of things to come?” October 2022.

Inflation has hit tenants hard. What about their landlords?” September 2022.

Who are America’s missing workers?” September 2022.

Pace of climate change sends economists back to the drawing board,” August 2022.

If the job market is so good, why is gig work thriving?” August 2022.

After enduring a pandemic, small businesses face new worries,” July 2022.

Jobs aplenty, but a shortage of care keeps many workers from benefiting,” July 2022.

As prices skyrocket, coupons are harder to find than ever,” June 2022.

Is ‘Greedflation’ rewriting economics, or do the old rules still apply?” June 2022.

What higher interest rates could mean for jobs,” May 2022.

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Work for ProPublica:

She’s supposed to protect Americans from toxic chemicals. First, she just has to fix Trump’s mess and decades of neglect,” March 2022.

They promised quick and easy PPP loans. Often, they delivered only hassle and heartache,” January 2022.

“This scientist created a rapid test just weeks into the pandemic. Here’s why you still can’t get it,” December 2021.

Here’s why rapid tests are so expensive and hard to find,” November 2021.

The government gave free PPP money to public companies after warning them not to apply,” September 2021.

This company got a $10 million PPP loan, and then closed its plant and moved manufacturing jobs to Mexico,” July 2021.

The government is here to help small businesses — unless they’re cooperatives,” June 2021.

Hundreds of PPP loans went to fake farms in absurd places,” May 2021. (With impact follow-up.)

How a federal agency excluded thousands of viable businesses from pandemic relief,” March 2021. (With impact follow-up.)

The pandemic’s existential threat to Black-owned business,” March 2021.

“The IRS cashed her check. Then the late notices started coming,” February 2021.

Twitter and YouTube banned Steve Bannon. Apple still gives him millions of listeners,” January 2021.

The SEC undermined a powerful weapon against white-collar crime,” January 2021.

The Trump administration’s final push to make it easier for religious employers to discriminate,” December 2020.

How dozens of Trump’s political appointees will stay in government after Biden takes over,” December 2020.

Millions of people still haven’t gotten stimulus checks, including many who need them most,” October 2020.

Robert Lighthizer blew up 60 years of trade policy. Nobody knows what happens next.” October 2020.

The big corporate rescue and the America that’s too small to save.” September 2020.

“The Small Biz Double-Dip: Temp Companies Got Cheap Government Money, Got Paid by Clients for the Same Workers,” July 2020.

Inside One Huge Company’s (Mostly) Successful Campaign to Escape Trump’s Tariffs,” July 2020.

Oyster, Air Fryer and Bicycle Companies Say Their Goods Are Essential to Fighting Coronavirus So They Can Get Tariff Relief,” June 2020.

This Treasury official is running the bailout. It’s been great for his family.” June 2020.

A closer look at federal COVID contracting reveals inexperience, fraud accusations, and a weapons dealer operating out of someone’s house.” May 2020.

The Trump administration says a new bailout program will help 35 million Americans. It probably won’t.” May 2020.

To understand the medical supply shortage, it helps to know how the U.S. lost the lithium ion battery to China,” April 2020.

Coronavirus tests are being fast tracked by the FDA, but it’s unclear how accurate they are,” April 2020.

In desperation, New York is paying up to 15 times the normal price for medical supplies,” April 2020.

Here’s why Florida got all the emergency medical supplies it requested while other states did not,” March 2020.

The FDA is forcing the CDC to double test some coronavirus tests,” March 2020.

How Trump’s trade war is making lobbyists rich and slamming small businesses,” January 2020.

Trump’s tariffs are creating jobs — for Canadians,” October 2019.

Companies are using a Depression-era law to escape tariffs — and it’s costing them,” September 2019.

Everything you need to play baseball is made in China — and getting hit by Trump’s tariffs,” September 2019.

Bibles but not textbooks: Trump’s tariff exemptions pick winners and losers,” August 2019.

Best of CNN Business:

Corporate America is quietly working to suppress the voice of small investors,” November 2019.

What’s behind the federal government’s massive spending on temp workers,” August 2019.

Rich investors may have let a hospital go bankrupt. Now, they could profit from the land,” July 2019.

A $15 minimum wage started as a slogan. Now it’s passed the House,” July 2019.

America’s addiction to absurdly fast shipping has a hidden cost,” July 2019.

Amazon’s incredible, vanishing cardboard box,” July 2019.

A ‘mind-boggling’ tax break was meant to help the poor. But trendy areas are winning too,” June 2019.

For the first time, Amazon faces enormous slate of investor proposals,” May 2019 (and follow-up story)

The internet didn’t shrink Realtor commissions. But this lawsuit might,” May 2019.

Defenders of capitalism agree with the left on society’s problems. On the solutions — not so much,” May 2019.

Why big business is giving up its fight against a higher minimum wage,” April 2019.

Four ways Trump’s tax cuts changed the economy,” April 2019.

The future of the economy is Hispanic and female,” April 2019.

The federal government just made it easier to dump retirees’ pensions,” March 2019.

Amazon gets an edge with its secret squad of PhD economists,” March 2019.

American productivity is finally on the rise,” March 2019.

GM is gone. Now come the 3D printers and robots.” March 2019.

As GM’s Lordstown plant idles, an iconic American job nears extinction,” March 2019.

How Amazon blew its chance in New York,” February 2019.

How to think about the US’ $22 trillion debt,” February 2019.

I’m very busy right now: Progressive economists in demand as 2020 presidential field looks for bold ideas,” February 2019.

This is Trump’s economy, two years in,” January 2019.

Five ways to tell if a slowdown will turn into a recession,” January 2019.

Shareholder activism is on the rise, but companies are fighting back,” January 2019.

Is Trump’s trade war bringing jobs back to the US? It’s hard to tell.” December 2018.

Iowa students stop union push amid challenge, fearing rollback of Obama-era wins,” December 2018.

Louisiana is trying to keep medical marijuana medical. It’s harder than it sounds.” December 2018.

Amazon’s next challenge: Finding all those workers,” November 2018.

Amazon’s biggest customer may soon be the U.S. government,” November 2018.

The U.S. economy is strong. Three signs it won’t last.” November 2018.

GM workers will have job options, but they might not be as good,” November 2018.

How the economy is playing in 5 close house races,” November 2018.

Desperate for labor, retailers offer workers more hours,” November 2018.

Amazon can sell you stuff. But can it clean your house?” October 2018.

The high-risk, high-reward world of selling on Amazon,” October 2018.

It’s Amazon’s world. We just live in it.” October 2018.

What makes a monopoly in the age of Amazon?” September 2018.

Amazon is now worth 1,000,000,000,000,” September 2018.

The government just made it easier for workers to own a piece of their employer,” August 2018.

Most economic forecasts have a big blind spot: Climate change,” August 2018.

How America’s foreclosure capital came back from the dead,” August 2018.

Technology helped America’s economy way more than we thought,” August 2018.

What does America’s falling birth rate mean to the economy? Just ask Arizona.” June 2018.

America needs seniors to work longer. Here’s how to make that happen.” June 2018.

This Supreme Court ruling silenced worker lawsuits. But law students are fighting back.” June 2018.

The real story of Trump’s crusade to cut government red tape,” June 2018.

This company needs workers so badly it’s putting them through drug rehab,” May 2018.

To stay competitive, call centers are training workers to be super agents,” May 2018.

Banks are walking away from low-income home buyers,” May 2018.

For Amazon HQ2 hopefuls, Seattle serves as a cautionary tale,” May 2018.

California ruling puts pressure on Uber, Lyft and other gig economy employers,” May 2018.

The case for raising the minimum wage keeps getting stronger,” April 2018.

American workers who lose their jobs in a trade war won’t get much help,” April 2018.

The high cost of taking away prisoners’ Medicaid coverage,” April 2018.

How these hurricane-ravaged states have avoided a housing crisis — so far,” April 2018.

This Texas military town has nearly closed the black and white homeownership gap,” April 2018.

The mounting infrastructure crisis Washington isn’t fixing fast enough,” March 2018.

Ten years after the financial crisis, have we learned anything?” March 2018.

For gig economy workers in these states, workers’ rights are at risk,” March 2018.

In a trade war over steel, U.S. farmers could be collateral damage,” March 2018.

As Whole Foods merges with Amazon, local suppliers watch and worry,” February 2018.

As the economy heats up, job sites compete to find the right workers fast,” February 2018.

The opioid crisis is draining America’s workforce,” February 2018.

What these states learned about wooing companies with big tax breaks,” February 2018.

Trump’s infastructure plan relies on some strong assumptions,” February 2018.

Cities to federal government: Don’t tell us how to build our internet,” February 2018.

Amazon’s warehouses don’t boost overall employment, study finds,” February 2018.

Black unemployment is at a record low. But there’s more to the story.” January 2018.

The biggest infrastructure nightmare facing the United States,” January 2018.

Three Amazon finalists are inside the Beltway. What gives?” January 2018.

Big companies used to pay the best wages. Not anymore.” January 2018.

The economy is doing great. Here’s what could derail it.” January 2018.

What America can learn from cities with super-low unemployment,” January 2018.

Trump appointee may give McDonald’s a break in landmark labor case,” January 2018.

How the federal tax overhaul could re-shape state budgets,” January 2018.

My road back from the Great Recession,” January 2018.

2017 was a great year to be rich,” December 2017.

So, you got a tax cut. Now what?” December 2017.

States see Trump’s infrastructure promise slipping away,” December 2017.

Tax bill does the booze industry a solid,” December 2017.

Wells Fargo could be one of tax reform’s biggest winners,” December 2017.

Changes to the Child Tax Credit: What it means for families.” December 2017.

Tax bill makes non-profits pay up for millionaire execs,” December 2017.

Trump, Amazon, and the Postal Service: The story behind the tweet,” December 2017.

Why most Americans aren’t benefiting from the stock market boom,” December 2017.

In rural America, building the internet for everyone has stalled,” December 2017.

Child care deserts are leaving rural parents with few options,” December 2017.

In this small Kentucky town, they aren’t waiting on Washington to fix things,” December 2017.

10 years after the recession began, have Americans recovered?” December 2017.

Here’s what happened to teachers after Wisconsin gutted its unions,” November 2017.

The case for charging rich and poor shoppers different prices,” November 2017.

As digital payments spread, the cash lobby raises its voice,” November 2017.

Hurricanes could bring another disaster: Foreclosures,” November 2017.

How Colorado became one of the most expensive places to live in the United States,” November 2017.

Free cash for everyone? Stockton’s mayor plans to see if it works,” October 2017.

Relief groups hit major hurdles getting aid to Puerto Rico,” October 2017.

Cities try to lure Amazon, but want to keep the details secret,” October 2017.

Trump’s tax plan isn’t as big of a threat to H&R Block as he says,” October 2017.

Puerto Rican exodus could boost Small Town, USA,” October 2017.

When executives misbehave, all-male boards are part of the problem,” October 2017.

Puerto Rico’s pension system was a crisis. Hurricane Maria made it into a catastrophe.” October 2017.

Best of the Houston Chronicle: 

High school scheduling is moving into the 21st century this year. Why did it take so long?” November 2017.

Harvey abruptly changes economic fortunes, for better and for worse,” September 2017.

The biggest job growth in Houston this year? It’s temporary.” September 2017.

When polluting is in a company’s rational self-interest,” September 2017.

Unemployment aid coming too slowly to help people forced from work by Harvey,” September 2017.

Why rebuilding may be more difficult in Florida than in Texas,” September 2017.

Harvey may have been fiercer than Katrina, but its effects could fade faster,” September 2017.

A push to keep workers from becoming Harvey’s next victims,” September 2017.

Harvey touches off nationwide race to clean out thousands of buildings,” August 2017.

Houston could land Amazon’s second headquarters,” September 2017.

Harvey evacuees could overwhelm Houston’s remaining housing stock,” August 2017.

As Houston dries out, residents ask themselves: Stay or go?” August 2017.

Is Houston missing the next energy wave?” August 2017.

How Houston is like Detroit,” August 2017.

As Mexican peso recovers, border businesses breathe a sigh of relief,” August 2017.

Should Texas loosen lending laws that shielded the state from foreclosures?” August 2017.

Texas rice farmers hope China deal brings more than a grain of relief,” July 2017.

Making room for makers,” July 2017.

When the government doesn’t pay enough to live on,” July 2017.

The sugar wars are still raging, and this candy maker is just trying to hold on,” June 2017.

The secrets of America’s highest-income county,” June 2017.

In the Texas vs. California rivalry, California is winning,” June 2017.

As NAFTA reset looms, Texas exports are already declining,” June 2017.

Have businesses lost control of the agenda in Texas?” June 2017.

Auto dealerships are America’s most powerful middlemen,” June 2017.

Home is where the heartland is,” June 2017.

Why the Houston Rodeo matters to tiny towns hundreds of miles away,” May 2017.

While oil and gas rebounds, offshore jobs remain hard to find,” May 2017.

The models on OTC’s runway,” May 2017.

Winners and losers in Trump’s tax plan,” April 2017.

What’s really driving the construction worker crunch?” April 2017.

The limits of laissez-faire housing policy in Houston,” April 2017.

When downtown becomes a playground, where can its workers afford to live?” April 2017.

In a city where bigger is better, can Houston build a startup scene?” March 2017.

Trump budget would hit Texas hard,” March 2017.

The Brahman Connection,” March 2017.

For an old bull rider, cutting horses are the next best thing,” March 2017.

The rodeo honors a bronco matriarch,” March 2017.

In the Permian basin, a race to become the Uber for the oilfield,” February 2017.

State lawmakers take aim at low-income housing,” February 2017.

Occidental finds strategy for growth: Hold the layoffs,” February 2017.

How to avoid taxes, the easy way,” February 2017.

Dodd-Frank hasn’t hurt banking or the economy, evidence shows,” February 2017.

Alternative facts underlie Trump’s push to ditch Wall Street regulations,” February 2017.

Texas’ biggest tax incentive set to double by 2022,” February 2017.

There’s a huge imbalance in how Texas provides for its old people,” Jan. 2016.

Houston is a city of opportunity – but for whom?” Jan. 2016.

People are still listening to Art Laffer,” Jan. 2016.

“Could Trump’s trade barriers pull manufacturing back to the U.S. side of the border?” Dec. 2016.

The peso’s plunge is a problem for Texas’ border cities – and Trump could make it worse,” Dec. 2016.

Warding off the resource curse,” Dec. 2016.

An Obama administration’s appeal to Donald Trump,” Dec. 2016.

Technology is driving up healthcare costs, and that’s good for Houston,” Dec. 2016.

The Dallas Miracle,” Dec. 2016.

When your house is a trap,” Dec. 2016.

Trump’s effect on Texas isn’t just about regulations,” Dec. 2016.

Fed raises interest rates, signaling an improving economy,” Dec. 2016.

Crippled by the oil bust, Eagle Ford shale towns pin hopes on Mexico’s appetite for fuel,” Dec. 2016.

Guess which county reaps more oil and gas royalty income than any other in the country?” Dec. 2016.

Suffering scrap industry sees possible recovery,” Dec. 2016.

A tale of two shale plays,” Dec. 2016.

If Trump were actually serious about manufacturing,” Dec. 2016.

Last-minute injunction creates a patchwork of compliance with rule that’s now likely dead,” Nov. 2016.

The amazing decline in Texas homelessness,” Nov. 2016.

Ford says Donald Trump influenced decision to not move production to Mexico,” Nov. 2016.

Hunting is a lifeline for hard-hit oil towns,” Nov. 2016.

In Texas, counties with higher turnout vote Republican,” Nov. 2016.

How economics does (and doesn’t) affect support for Trump in Texas,” Nov. 2016. (And the post-election update.)

Wheelchair tennis a love game for many,” Oct. 2016

The economics of Donald Trump,” Oct. 2016

Robots are changing everything. Including Houston.” Oct. 2016

The Re-education of Richard Florida,” Oct. 2016

It’s almost Super Bowl time. Will it be worth it?” Oct. 2016

A window into the exploding power of eminent domain,” Oct. 2016

Business alliance chief ‘not prepared to advocate’ for hosting the Olympics,” Oct. 2016

Former energy industry workers begin to move on,” Oct. 2016.

A life in limbo,” Oct. 2016.

Houston is no longer Texas’ high-growth darling,” Oct. 2016.

Where is economic growth going to come from?” Sept. 2016

Global elites try to figure out how they lost the narrative on trade,” Sept. 2016.

Wages finally grow, but not for everyone,” Sept. 2016.

A whole new industry is popping up around ‘remote work,'” Sept. 2016

Why Texas holds the key to carbon taxes,” Sept. 2016.

Self-checkout and the limits of automation,” Sept. 2016.

Yes, Mexico competes with the U.S. — but how it cooperates is more important,” Sept. 2016.

Payday lenders retreat in the face of new restrictions,” August 2016

Trump’s immigration proposals could be a nightmare for Texas,” August 2016.

Louisiana floods are just another blow for state battered by economy, fiscal crisis,” (plus sidebar), August 2016.

Pressure is rising to end system that allows disabled workers to be paid pennies per hour,” August 2016.

Houston still has a racial problem when it comes to police shootings,” July 2016.

The dangerous workplace practice behind Buc-ee’s lawsuit against a former worker,” July 2016.

Character builder: Houston’s zoning battles,” July 2016.

Study finds no disparities in Houston’s police shootings,” July 2016.

The most amazing number in today’s economy,” July 2016.

Houston’s schools adjust to an oil bust, after gearing up for a boom,” July 2016. (Plus accompanying graphics)

The hidden real estate boom that’s creating businesses you didn’t realize exist,” July 2016.

Why a Houston hotel decided to pay a $12 minimum wage,” June 2016.

World steel producers are fighting a trade war. Here are the casualties,” June 2016.

Cheap oil was supposed to be good for the global economy. That was wrong,” June 2016.

Any way you look at it, Houston’s wages are falling behind,” June 2016.

With energy in retreat, healthcare dominates Houston job growth,” June 2016.

The deceptive diversity of Houston beyond oil,” (and more graphics), June 2016.

Houston manufacturing isn’t like the rest of Texas,” June 2016.

Auctioneering industry thrives in oil downturn,” June 2016.

If you don’t like the strong dollar, blame cheap oil,” June 2016.

Oil prices are rising, but all those jobs aren’t coming back,” May 2016.

Houston tech scene looks to China for the capital it’s been lacking,” May 2016.

Raising the minimum wage would matter the most in Texas,” May 2016.

When losing a job means leaving the country,” May 2016.

Zoning is not what makes Houston cheap,” May 2016.

Checking Texas’ entrepreneurial pulse,” May 2016.

Federal rules on payday lenders would add teeth to new local laws,” May 2016.

We’re beginning a massive experiment on the farm economy,” May 2016.


Best of The Washington Post

Baby boomers are taking on ageism — and losing,” August 2016.

The battle to protect fighters in the fastest-growing, least-regulated sport in America,” April 2016.

Leaked documents show strong business support for raising the minimum wage,” April 2016.

The minimum wage sweeping the nation might kill jobs — and that’s okay,” April 2016.

What we know about the people who clean the floors in Silicon Valley,” March 2016.

Sweetgreen’s blind spot?” March 2016.

In a fight between nurses and doctors, the nurses are slowly winning,” March 2016.

Meet the government guys standing up for franchise workers and contractors,” March 2016.

The lawyers who are fighting for the same rights as janitors,” February 2016.

Uber-type work is just a band-aid for stagnant wages — but that could change,” February 2016.

Disabled people are allowed to work for pennies — but maybe not for much longer,” February 2016.

How the birthplace of American labor turned on its unions,” February 2016.

A huge coal miners pension plan is on the brink of failure. One senator is blocking a fix.” February 2016.

What happens to a tiny town when Walmart disappears?” February 2016.

Public sector unions are under threat. Police unions may be another story.” January 2016.

To retain drivers, some trucking companies try giving them a voice on the job,” January 2016.

“Feeling stuck in your job? Blame management consulting.” January 2016.

The under-the-radar profit-maximizing scheduling practice that can put workers in a ‘downward spiral,'” January 2016.

How worker-friendly laws changed life as a server in San Francisco restaurants,” January 2016.

So, you have a minimum wage job. Now what?” December 2015.

Meet the lefty club behind a blitz of new laws in cities across the country,” December 2015.

New federal rules will subject truckers to more monitoring than ever,” December 2015.

For freelancers, getting stiffed is part of the job. Some in New York City want to fix it,” December 2015.

This is what the safety net could look like for on-demand workers,” December 2015.

Ports are the new power plants — at least in terms of pollution,” November 2015.

Restaurants have changed how tips work, and waiters are furious,” December 2015.

The U.S.’ anti-discrimination watchdog is getting more aggressive — and employers are fighting back,” November 2015.

The legal maneuver that allows corporations to pretend that state laws don’t exist,” December 2015.

Foundations look to pay the government for data collection it can no longer afford,” December 2015.

As D.C. considers the nation’s most generous family leave law, pregnant women still lose jobs,” December 2015.

Tech companies, labor advocates, and think tankers of all stripes call for sweeping reforms to the social safety net,” November 2015.

Meet the millennial who coaches people feeling trapped by bureaucracy,” November 2015.

In taking on cosmetologists — and other licensed professions — the White House may have picked a fight it can’t win,” October 2015.

We’ve tried to smooth disabled peoples’ path back to work. Why isn’t it helping?” October 2015.

“‘Everything is a workaround’: Life in Obama’s agencies as Congress does nothing,” October 2015.

How the ‘Walmart effect’ squeezes workers in the vast infrastructure behind your groceries,” October 2015.

Al Jazeera writers continue unionization streak in digital media — this time, not without opposition,” October 2015.

The new trade deal could help millions of workers worldwide — if it’s enforced,” October 2015.

Why it’s hard to legislate good corporate behavior,” September 2015.

Autoworkers reject Fiat Chrysler contract, saying they want a bigger piece of the industry’s recovery,” September 2015.

Inside the battle to overhaul overtime — and what it says about how lobbying has changed,” September 2015.

Labor sees opportunity in the Pope’s arrival, as unions rebuild an historic bond,” September 2015.

Low-wage workers are about to get some of the biggest raises they’ve ever seen,” September 2015.

The World Bank is struggling with its own class divide,” August 2015.

She thought she was entitled to maternity leave. After asking for it, she lost her job.” August 2015.

In landmark case, labor board lets more workers bargain with their employer’s employer.” August 2015.

Walmart’s self-interested shot at reviving the American factory,” July 2015.

Why Walmart, an icon of suburbia, had to urbanize its hometown,” July 2015.

In labor victory, fast food workers in New York to get a $15 minimum wage,” July 2015.

Businesses are getting steamrolled on the minimum wage. Here’s why.” July 2015.

“Minimum wage increases haven’t grown the middle class. $15 might be different.” July 2015.

“Will there ever be an organics label for worker rights?” July 2015.

“The White House is trying to introduce Wall Street to rural America,” July 2015.

“The Supreme Court’s threat to gut unions is bringing the labor movement new life,” July 2015.

The biggest and most disruptive layoffs are coming from the military,” July 2015.

“Why lawmakers introduce bills that are doomed to fail,” July 2015.

“Corporate America beat back its best job trainers, and now it’s paying a price, June 2015.

“When all else fails to stop White House proposals, Republicans turn to the budget,” June 2015.

Why labor groups genuinely believe they can unionize McDonald’s one day,” June 2015.

“How to pay the help,” June 2015.

“Here’s how government tries to help businesses before free trade destroys them,” June 2015.

“Workers in America have problems. Meet the technologies trying to solve them.” June 2015.

Nike says trade will help it add 10,000 jobs in the U.S. Maybe they’ll replace the jobs it’s still losing.” May 2015.

The next labor fight is over when you work, not how much you make,” May 2015.

Why House cafeteria workers are paid better than Senate cafeteria workers,” May 2015.

$500,000 bail for a Baltimore protestor? Just one thing wrong with how we punish people before they’re convicted.” May 2015.

Why it’s so hard to protect workers caught in global supply chains,” April 2015.

Top regulator says it can’t afford to set safety standards for meatpackers,” April 2015.

A key union appears to be backing away from one of labor’s most prominent campaigns.” April 2015.

Why the federal government still doesn’t obey its own minimum wage laws.” April 2015.

Taking aim at tech industry inequality, Microsoft extends paid leave to thousands of contractors,” March 2015.

Au pairs provide cheap childcare. Maybe illegally cheap.” March 2015.

“It’s illegal to prevent workers from talking about wages. T-Mobile did it anyway,” March 2015.

To fix inequality, Democrats are pushing unions,” March 2015.

On free trade, tea partyers and the left want the same thing,” March 2015.

The airline industry recovered from September 11, but the people who make airline meals haven’t.” February 2015.

DHS budget brinksmanship could leave local governments in the lurch.” February 2015.

A labor dispute slowed America’s ports to a halt. But there’s an even bigger problem.” February 2015.

Why oil refinery workers are striking for the first time in decades,” February 2015.

How a prep school math teacher has exploded the debate over affordable housing in San Francisco,” February 2015.

Adjunct professors get poverty-level wages. Should their pay quintuple?” February 2015.

New tech companies say freelancing is the future of work. But there’s a downside for workers.” February 2015.

Why internet journalists don’t organize,” January 2015.

What happens when app-makers work with the taxi industry, not against it,” January 2015.

What an Ohio fire truck company tells us about globalization and free trade,” January 2015.

The boom-proof economy: How to handle a fracking bust,” 5-part series on riding the wave of natural gas, January 2015.

More nurses are better for patients. Why is it so hard to get hospitals to hire them?” January 2015.

Do workers want ‘flexibility’? Depends on how you define it,” January 2015.

What a housekeeper at Harvard’s hotel tells us about inequality,” December 2014.

How FedEx is trying to save the business model that made it millions,” October 2014.

I lost everything: How airport workers struggle as the economy transforms,” October 2014.

Low wages, no overtime: The downside of being a retail ‘manager,’” September 2014.

At the Uber for home cleaning, workers pay a price for convenience,” September 2014.

Swine for sale: How kids’ livestock shows became a cutthroat (and expensive) business,” August 2014.

It’s hard to build cities for kids. But do they really need them?” August 2014.

Why it’s so hard to find an apartment in Washington D.C.,” August 2014.

Why Denver is trucking its homeless to the middle of nowhere,” August 2014.

How rural poverty is changing: Your fate is increasingly tied to your town,” August 2014.

Chief economists are the new marketers,” July 2014.

This weatherman has farmers’ trust. He also believes climate change doesn’t exist,” July 2014.

Drier than the Dust Bowl: Waiting for relief in rural America,” July 2014.

“‘We’ve got ’em on the run’: Texas cities work to rein in payday loans,” July 2014.

“Rank-and-file employees have a lot more power over corporations than they think,” June 2014.

Big Agriculture wanted to reach Millennials, and started a food fight in the process,” May 2014.

Trucking used to be a ticket to the middle class. Now it’s just another low-wage job,” April 2014.

Under pressure, Walmart upgrades its policy for helping pregnant workers,” April 2014.

In Singapore, citizens don’t want babies — or foreign workers either,” March 2014.

This is what a job in the new manufacturing industry looks like,” March 2014.

All eyes on Chattanooga: VW’s workers are deciding the future of unions in the South.” February 2014.

Retail in the eyes of Amazon: Scenes from an industry running scared,” January 2014.

A watchdog grows up: The inside story of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau,” January 2014.

Sea-Tac’s minimum-wage workers may not get their raise after all,” December 2013.

Can Damon Silvers save organized labor?” November 2013.

Richmond’s rules: Why one California town is keeping Wall Street up at night,” September 2013.

How Goya brought ethnic food to white America,” August 2013.

Quinoa should be taking over the world. This is why it isn’t.” July 2013.


The New Republic

The Drain Catcher,” May 2013.

Uber Mensch,” April 2013.

The Return of the Tourniquet,” April 2013.

An Internet Sales Tax Will Not Destroy Your Freedom,” April 2013.

Want to Read the Law? It’ll Cost You,” March 2013.

“Only Liberals Succeed in SimCity,” March 2013.

How to Close the Tech Industry’s Gender Gap,” March 2013.

What the New Pope Can Learn From the New Economy,” March 2013.

Apple Agonistes,” March 2013.

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There’s a War in Cyberspace over Icons vs. Text,” January 2013.

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Can Motivational Office Art Ever Actually Work?” November 2012.

The GOP Can’t Afford to Ignore Cities Anymore,” November 2012.

Can Research Triangle Park Pull Itself Out of the 1950s?” October 2012.

The Internet: Now Just Another Special Interest,” October 2012.

How the Tech Industry Lost an Ally on Immigration,” September 2012.

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Bodacious? X-tremely!” February 2010.

Nashville Nation,” February 2010.

Meet the New GOP Centrists,” January 2010.

Disorganized,” October 2009.

The Supreme Allied Commander of Corn,” October 2009.


Washington City Paper

Cover stories:

The Social Networker,” July 2012.

The Almost-Rhee of UDC,” May 2012.

Urbanista!” March 2012.

A More Perfect Union Station,” December 2011.

Eric Colbert’s Rapport,” October 2011.

The Selling of Walmart,” July 2011.

The Economics of Stephen Fuller,” April 2011.

Let it Grow,” December 2010.

Concrete Bungle,” November 2010.

The Smart Growth Set,” September 2010.

Selected columns:

Guest Disservices,” July 2012.

Sticker Shock,” June 2012.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” May 2012.

Blight Flight,” May 2012.

Coffeeshoponomics,” May 2012.

Home is Where the Hardware Store Is,” April 2012.

Virginia is for Hipsters,” March 2012.

Scrap Gap,” March 2012.

Wait-Listed,” February 2012.

Cafeteria Society,” February 2012.

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish,” February 2012.

Miller Time!” October 2011.

The Future of the Past,” September 2011.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap,” September 2011.

The War at Home,” August 2011.

The Neverending Tourmobile,” July 2011.

No City on the Hill,” July 2011.

The Prophet Motive,” July 2011.

Fiscal Education,” June 2011.

Kennedy Warrin‘,” May 2011.

Bikesharing is Bikecaring,” April 2011.

Frantastic,” April 2011.

Do Fence Me In,” March 2011.

Florida Panhandle,” February 2011.

Broadband of Brothers,” February 2011.

The Builder,” January 2011.

Short-Stacked,” November 2010.

Corner, Meet Pub,” October 2010.

There Goes the Gayborhood,” September 2010.

No Parking,” September 2010.

School House Rock,” August 2010.

Overstimulated,” August 2010.

Can’t Go Home Again,” August 2010.

Here Comes the Sun,” July 2010.

Wisconsin and TM,” July 2010.

American Dream Gone Awry,” July 2010.

Bear Necessities,” May 2010.

Zoned Out,” April 2010.

Hardship Wrecked,” April 2010.

(all posts)

Pacific Standard magazine:

Making service work pay,” November 2015.

An election season conversation with Ralph Nader,” June 2016.

Selected radio and TV appearances: 

PBS Newshour, MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle, NBC’s Morning Joe, Slate’s What’s Next, Vox’s Recode Daily and Today, Explained on rapid tests, December 2021-January 2022.

MSNBC on Steve Bannon’s podcast, January 2021.

Marketplace on stimulus checks, November 2020.

Yahoo Finance on tariff exclusions, January 2020.

Another Indicator from Planet Money on tariff exclusions, January 2020.

The Indicator from Planet Money on tariff exclusions, August 2019.

New Hampshire Public Radio on the labor market, May 2019.

CNN on GM’s Lordstown plant closing, March 2019.

KJZZ Phoenix on birth rates, July 2018.

Marketplace on living wages, November 2013.

SCPR on quinoa, July 2013.

Discussion on D.C. Height Act, BBC Newshour, starting at 36:00.

Spiraling Rents in Our Region,” May 2012.

How to Make a Movie in Washington D.C.” February 2012.

Walmart’s New Plans for Washington D.C.,” November 2011.

The Rise of Community Benefits Agreements,” June 2011.

Cultivating D.C.’s Cultural Life,” June 2010.



Hot Air,” July 2009.

The Universal, Single-Payer God,” July 2009.

Et Tu, Scalia?” June 2009.

About Climate Change: Nevermind,” June 2009.

No Fight Left,” June 2009.


The New York Observer

New York Young Republicans Prepare to Unite, Maybe,” June 2009.

Crank or Champion?” April 2009.

Building Stories: 290 Mulberry Confounds Fans, Critics Alike,” March 2009.

When Wall Street Goes Dancing in the Dark,” February 2009.



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