Hey Hey It’s Friday, Let’s Throw a Party

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One of the awesome things about Indian cities is that at any given moment, somebody is getting down. Usually, it’s a local political office blasting music, or a wedding, or a temple celebrating some religious holiday.

Yesterday, the party rocked all of Mumbai. Wandering through a central neighborhood, I happened upon what I thought was a local contest of teams trying to outdo each other in the building of human pyramids. Turns out it was the annual celebration of Hindu deity Krishna’s birthday, shutting down whole streets at a time as the cheering mobs paraded from place to place, sprayed by water trucks and pelted from above by water balloons (I’m pretty sure I was a prime target as well). They were still dancing and piling on top of each other, playing to indulgent crowds, well after dark.

Slideshow above, live action after the jump!


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